Saturday, April 13, 2013

Astounded by Leo...again!


Bonjour mes amis!

Another weekend!  We're on a mission this weekend...
To The Netherlands!

Yup!  The real Netherlands, from whence come Wooden Shoes and Tulips, and Ice Skaters!

Our Mission is to safely retrieve Jewelius' Grandparents (who really live in Wisconsin, but have been touring in The Netherlands), and bring them safely back to France for a Visit, so we can stuff them full of Baguettes and Pain au Chocolat...if they want!  Of course, we'll have fun along the way, too.  Dr. J has some distant relatives that we've gotten to know in the North of The Netherlands, and they so kindly invited all of us to spend time with them first. We expect to have a great time!

Before I get into my topic for today, I want to share a little Surprise I received a few days ago.  If you've been following along with me, you may know that I am helping a Lady here to re-decorate her "Grand Salon", her Living Room/Dining Room.  We have been shopping and blabbing, and having a great time together.  Solange speaks English to me, and I (try) to speak French to her.  We're helping teach each other.  Anyway, Solange has a very nice, old home.  The work on the room is just getting underway, because we had to wait for the Winter cold to pass before beginning the work on the walls, since Radiators are involved, and they've needed the Heat.  I'll be sharing when the project is done, but Sweet Solange surprised me with a little gift when I went to meet her on Monday...

It's an almond-flavored Tea, called Pleine Lune (translated, Full Moon)!  It's delicious!  What a nice treat!  Plus, it's in a pretty little canister!  The Mariage Tea is well-known here, and everyone you talk to says that it's the best!  What a thoughtful gift!  Thank you, Solange!

Today, I'd like to continue telling you about my Adventures with my childhood friend, Elaine.  In some future postings, I'm going to have some stories to share, involving the Police and almost running out of gas (Incidentally, the Stories began when Dr. J let us out of his sight!), but for today, we're going back to an old favorite...

Château du Clos Lucé!

I think this is our third visit, but honestly, we enjoy it every time!  We even discovered a new spot we missed before.  This is Leonardo DaVinci's Place.  Do you remember Leo's Place?  Click HERE  to check back, but be sure to see all I have to share today, too!

This was Easter weekend, so everyone was out for a Visit!  Honestly, though, it never felt too crowded!

I'm still astounded by Leonardo DaVinci!

Don't you love French Gardens?  They're so neat and orderly!

This shot below is, of course, a copy, but it's the closest we'll get to the Mona Lisa!  Atleast this is hanging in Leonardo DaVinci's house!  The real Mona Lisa is hanging in The Louvre.

Let's play a little, "I Spy"!  Can you spot the cat on the Roof?

Cats are everywhere here!  They are beloved Pets!

Childhood Friends...
(I know Elaine wanted to take her coat off for all the pictures,
but I am a Texan, and I wasn't shedding my coat in the cold)!

Spring's coming to Leo's Place...

It was the perfect weekend to see a copy of the Famous Painting,
"The Last Supper"!  It took me two photos to get it all in without much glare...

We always enjoy wandering the property to look at Models of DaVinci's Inventions...

This Place is particularly fun, because you can even "play" with the Inventions!  This one is for bringing water up!

In my Family, we call this a "butt" shot, but I can't help it, this is also a Father/Son Moment!  They're probably discussing an important Mathematical Equation...

There's an old Mill on the Property.  The Wheels and Gears were amazing, however, I'm not gonna lie...I really like the cool, old Pots, too!

Hey there, Handsome!

After being satisfied with our visit to Leo's Place, we headed into Amboise to look around...

And we walked along the Loire River, and observed the Village and the Château de Amboise!  We went to this Château once many years ago.  Perhaps it's time to revisit!  It looks so cool!


The Old Church in the Village!

It was a very nice day!

Ending with this peaceful scene, all I can think to say is...

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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