Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring's Coming & Sneaky American Tourists #4!


Bonjour mes amis!

How are you?  I hope you're enjoying some Springtime weather.  It's a bit cool here yet, but we can see that Spring is on its way!

I took a short break from blogging while my childhood friend, Elaine, was here last week.  We had a great time together, renewing our friendship, and talking about old times, and trying to remember names and details about people from our past.  I've known Elaine since I was five years old.  We went to the same Elementary School and Church while growing up, but then my family moved away in the middle of our High School years.  We've stayed in touch about once per year, since our birthdays are three days apart.  As soon as Elaine found out we'd be in France this year, she was out there looking for a Plane Ticket...and we had a really nice visit!

Of course, there are places here that I enjoy going to over and over, and there are some "must sees" that I take all Visitors to...not the least of which is Parc Floral.  (Well, first we stopped at Versailles in Paris, but with the Easter weekend, the line to get in was like none you've ever seen, so we opted to get to Orléans as quickly as we could to enjoy Parc Floral).  I'm seasonally showing you this awesome place, so today we will see what's happening as Spring comes to Parc Floral.  The flowers are a little late this year, since it's been cool, but it was pretty to me, nonetheless.

I even enjoyed the blades, when no flowers were showing yet!

Isn't this fantastic?  So beautiful!

Uh oh!  Now to my segment of Sneaky American Tourists...

Were we allowed to walk on the grass?  We HAD to get closeups of the beautiful blooms!  We didn't see any signs.  Oh!  Maybe we did in another section...but who can remember?  Oh well!  No harm done...and we got our photo op!!!

Check out this one!  It's so perfect, it almost looks fake!

The Château and Fountain are ready for Spring, but the flowers aren't ready yet...

There's a few flowers in pots...

The area around the Old Mill has some green growth, but no Flowers yet...

The Flamingos are still there...but, they were very quiet...

The Peacocks are looking particularly stunning...

The beds are prepared, and starting to burst!

I think I'll be going back again soon...to see the progress...and to take more Guests for a visit...

Elaine got a good night's sleep after that long plane ride, so we'll be out and about and sharing more fun with you this week!

Have a "Jewel" of a day!

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