Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This is where I live!


Bonjour mes amis!

How I've missed visiting with you each day!  I'm back and ready to share.  We had an awesome visit with Jewelius' Grandparents, complete with beautiful Spring weather.  I hope you're enjoying a little Spring weather where you are.

Today, I'm going to continue sharing my visit with my friend, Elaine, who was here over Easter weekend and the week following.  We certainly got to see a lot, but of course, I had to show her WHERE I LIVE... 
Orléans, France!
I've shown you some photos already on my blog, but I'll share a few new ones here...

First stop...The Cathedral...

This really is a magnificent building!  A few inside shots...

I loved how the Sun streamed the Stained Glass Windows in prisms onto the Walls!

The Stained Glass Windows are really magnificent in this Cathedral!

There's Carved Wood everywhere!  So impressive!

Again...the Prisms!

Next, we stopped at Hôtel Groslot!  This is not a Hotel as Americans know Hotels.  It was the old Mayor's Office, which is now across the Street, but this building is still used by the Government.  I've shown you this before.  (Click HERE  if you'd like to see more of this place!)

Here's a few photos from Inside...

The Room where Civil Marriages are still performed today!

Details on a cool, old Chest!

Ornate Window Treatments!

This Guy stands proudly at the base of the Staircase Outside...

A view from the Park behind Hôtel Groslot!

Next, we wandered down near The Mall...had to get a shot of the Tram!

And then, to The Loire River...

I don't think I've shown you the view back to the Cathedral from the South Side of the River before...

Pardon the Crane...there's always work being done!

And, here We are!

I can hardly believe I live this close to a River!  With Spring's arrival, it is a wonderful place to walk and enjoy, and stop and take in the beauty!

I can hardly wait to show you another beautiful place tomorrow...Monet's Gardens!  Please come back and let me share it with you...

And, as always, have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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