Monday, July 11, 2016

Parc Floral is a "must", even when loaded with School Children!


Bonjour mes amis!

Every time that we visit Orléans, France, a stop at Parc Floral is a must!

Unfortunately for us, June was a very wet month...

And the Parc was closed, or just too wet to visit!

Thankfully, later in the month, while Ms. Emerald was visiting us, we got some nice days with no rain!

When we got to the Parc, though...

There were many School groups of children also wandering around...

Ms. Emerald and I were up for a very quiet day, so at first, we were disappointed.

We zigged and zagged so as to avoid the children.

The flowers were amazing, as you can tell from Ms. Emerald's closeups!

The Roses never disappoint in the Summer either!

And the Château on the grounds, makes for some pretty picture taking!

We were able to dodge the children for some of our photos!

And we settled in on some chaise lounges across from the Château for a picnic lunch we had brought with us!

Ms. Emerald had made us some delicious baguette sandwiches with ham and cheese and yummy hard-boiled egg!

It was such a nice stop!

Now this is a shade tree, if I ever saw one!

A lone peacock was very closeby, admiring himself in this mirror!

He didn't even seem afraid of us!

Ms. Emerald and I really enjoyed all the lush plants and flowers!

Especially the Hydrangeas!

And you know what?

Those French children were really rather well behaved!

Some waved to us from the little train!

We really enjoyed our time at Parc Floral!

Peacocks and all!

Children and all!

And the day was capped off beautifully with a wonderful dinner and evening visit with our dear French Pastor and his wife in their home for the evening!

Thanks for coming along with me today!
I'm wishing you a "jewel" of a day!

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