Friday, July 15, 2016

Let's make a Scandal!


Bonjour mes amis!

It was our last full day in France.  It was our last day to see friends.  It was our last chance...

But we finally made it to La Petite Folie!  And we enjoyed it with my dear friend, Solange!

The Restaurant is under new ownership, but we were not disappointed.  They still make this delicious thinly sliced beef dish, and both Ms. Emerald and I really enjoyed it!

But we had more friends to see that evening, and oh boy, did we have fun!

Did you see that fun redhead toasting with me in the previous picture?  Well, let me tell you, she makes for memorable company.

We decided (3 families) to go to dinner together, but when we got to this Restaurant with beautiful river views, there was not an empty table in sight...except inside, where it was hot and humid and where there was no view.

So Eva, the redhead, announces she is going to make a scandal!  She is going to get us a table for 8 OUTSIDE.  Four of us had arrived, but the other four were still looking for parking.  So, Ms. Emerald and I held the table inside, while Eva and her husband went to "make a scandal"!  "Why not?" she says.

Just a few minutes later, she comes back inside and announces that we have a table for eight outside.  What?  That quickly?  I think she must have stood next to a couple tables of people intimidating them to leave!

So, the four of us gladly take our places at four of the eight seats, with broad smiles and thank yous to Eva for making a scandal and getting us such an awesome table with the best river view.

But then, potential trouble begins.  The other four still have not arrived and the waiter wants to take orders.  We tell him we are waiting on the rest of our party.  He seems bothered and walks away.

The waiter returns a couple more times, and still the rest of our party is missing.  Mind you, those four seats could have been occupied by new guests several times over by now.  We decide we better atleast order drinks.

So, we order drinks, and apologize that the rest of our party is not there yet.  Where could they be?  Did they go to a different restaurant?  Where are they looking for parking?  We text several times.  They cannot find parking.  It is a Friday night, so that's understandable, but still, they could have walked from our apartment faster!

The waiter brings our drinks, but still they have not arrived.  He must be so upset by now, but he turns, and with a glint in his eye, he tells us...

As long as they arrive by midnight!
And we all laugh!

As you can see we had a wonderfully fun evening with our friends!  In case you are wondering about that last photo of Apolline...well, we gave her a squirt gun one year as a fun gift for the beach.  Dr. J decided to teach her some English.  Now, whenever she sees Dr. J, she brings out her hand gun and tells him to "Stick ém up"!

Scandalous!  It was fun making a scandal that night!  Great idea, Eva!
Until next time...

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