Friday, January 10, 2014

My Christmas Tour...


Bonjour mes amis!

It's been too long since I've visited with you...

The Christmas Season got rather busy, and I wanted to enjoy the decorating and baking and especially, visiting with my family.  If you've been viewing my blog for some time, you know that my husband (Dr. J), and son (Jewelius) and I recently returned to the U.S., after living in France for a whole year.  It was a wonderful year, and I'm still pining away in my thoughts about all the wonderful things we got to do, and most recently, about how we celebrated Christmas 2012 in France.  This year, it was all about spending time with those we didn't see last Christmas!

Alas, now we have completed Christmas 2013, and for the past few days, I have been packing up and cleaning up, and I realized I never showed you our Christmas Home this year.  It was so fun decorating this year, pulling out all the ornaments, and adding lights everywhere.  Well, if you don't mind, I'm going to share photos with you today.  Enjoy!

This is where we live, and these pictures were taken the weekend of the big Ice Storm!  This year, I added wreaths on all my lower front windows.  (I've always wanted to do that!)

Come on in...

There's lots of cheer!  This little piece was a Housewarming gift from a dear friend when we moved in in 2002!

My oldest daughter helped me get the banister decorated this year, for which I was very grateful!  And, I decided to hang the stockings on the staircase this year.  Of course, I'm sure you noticed that I have fleur-de-lis stocking hangars!

The fleur-de-lis bottles were a sweet Christmas Gift this year from a dear friend!

I found this little (made in England) antique sugar bowl in a Goodwill store in the Chicago area.  I only paid $1.99 for it, and it's in perfect condition.  I think that was a bargain!

I love to swag the entry to our Livingroom!

I also clear out my China Cabinet each year, and add red and gold.  I have a number of crystal and red glass dishes from a Great Aunt, and her things look beautiful in there.  (I'm thinking of doing a makeover on my China Cabinet.  Stay tuned!)  The JOY hanging is actually a table runner, but I love how it's the first thing you see when you come into my Dining Room!

I had a bit of fun adding some Cheetah Ribbon to the decor this year!  Thank you, Hobby Lobby!

I have a pretty good size collection of Village pieces thanks to a dear friend and my family.  For this year, I just displayed as much as could fit on my small buffet.  Whoops!  I forgot to add snow this year.  (Oh well, easier cleanup, right?)

I really enjoyed the Mantel this year!

I always enjoy the Tree!  My younger daughter helped "be-ribbon" the tree this year!  I draped some pretty toile fabric I bought in France this past year, as my tree skirt!

I loved having my Nativity Set on the sofa table behind the sofa.  It's the first thing you got to see as you entered the Living Room.  After all, this is what Christmas is about.  Jesus came to earth, lived a perfect life, and then gave Himself FOR US!  Glory to God in the Highest!

I decided to step back to the side table by my leopard chair.  Do you see it?  Yes, it's an Owl!  They are still so "in" this year!  I picked this little guy up at the Canton Flea Market!  Doesn't everyone have a Christmas Owl?

The top of the TV cabinet even got a little Christmas cheer!

Now, into the Kitchen...
Another wonderful gift from my dear friend!  (In the background on the right, you can see a beautiful towel that my Mom embroidered for me!  Love it!)

Wreaths are a must on a pantry door, right?

An orchid from another dear friend!

Take a look at the little ceramic wreath hanging over my stove!  My youngest son, Jewelius, painted this in 2003.  He was only seven years old!  He did a great job with the colors!

And I brag about these little Snowmen!  Each one was made by more four kiddos.  Jewelius' taller snowman on the right in the back there has grass painted on the bottom.  Jewelius is a Texas boy, and we usually don't have much snow in Texas, so I guess that's why he painted the grass.  He was a little tyke when he did this!

The Angel candy dish on the right was made by another dear friend.  My friends sure have added to my Christmas decor over the years!

For a few years, I have displayed this "Joy" grouping on my kitchen wall.  The feature is the dishes.  They were my Mother-in-Loves!

I didn't do a lot in the guest bathroom, but here's a couple shots!

I hope you had a very "Joyeux Noël"!

From My Home to Yours!

Stay warm, and I wish you the best as you pack down your Christmas Decorations!

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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