Friday, January 31, 2014

Me and my Dad on top of the World!


Bonjour mes amis!

Today is a really special day...for my Jewelius!  He's 18 today!

Happy Birthday, Son!

Jewelius and Dr. J, and I all have a real special bond.
We love to reminisce about our time in France.  Whenever I have time to just talk with when we're in the car after School...or during quiet dinners...we remind eachother of things we did together in France.  It's so our own little secret world, with lots of wonderful memories!

We recently watched a good French film called, "Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis".  The Movie was recommended to us while we were in France, but we never had a chance to see it there, so I ordered it from Amazon for Jewelius for Christmas, and last weekend, we finally watched and enjoyed it...though we did put the English Subtitles on just to be sure we caught everything.  Today, Jewelius brought the movie in to share with his French teacher, who also had lived in France just recently.  Fun!  Fun!

When I visit my Dad soon, I want to share the Movie together with him too...cause we have a pretty special bond, too!

My Dad made a second trip to visit with us in France, and we did all kinds of site-seeing together.  My Dad's one big request during his visit was to climb up the towers at Notre Dame in Paris.  (I've taken you here before on the blog...remember my Post "Have you seen Quasimodo?"?)

And here we are ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

Who get to see these Views every day!

It's quite a climb...

387 Steps, to be exact!

But so worthwhile!

For me, I Love the Architecture!

Though the Gargoyle below does kind of give you the "creeps"!

The Views are spectacular!

Paris is such a beautiful City!

Yes, this was some nice bonding time for Me and My Dad!

On Top of the World!

Back on the Ground...
Back in the Crowds...
But, it was so peaceful up in the Towers...

I'm so glad I got to have this time with my Dad!

Well, I'm off to make Jewelius his Birthday Cake!  Chocolate, of course!

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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