Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Ten Countdown...



Today is Top Ten Tuesday!  I have a simple post prepared for today, but I think you'll enjoy it!  Simple is good, right?

Today I'm going to give you my top ten countdown of things I need to carry with me every day to survive this Fall in France...

#10 = Hand Lotion
(The air's dry here, or maybe it's just that I'm used to the Texas heat!)

#9 = An Umbrella
(I don't want to be caught with a 20 minute walk ahead of me and get poured on!)

#8 =  A Scarf
 (All French people wear them...and now I know why...that wind can kick up without notice!)

#7 = TAO ticket
(I want to be ready to ride the bus or tram at any time!)

#6 = Euros
(I MUST stop for a Baguette for dinner!)
(Oh!  And if I have a 1 Euro coin, I can borrow a shopping cart at Auchan, LeClerc or Carrefour!)
(...just like at Aldi...I'll get the coin back!)

#5 = My Kindle
(So I can look up French words I don't know the meaning of!)

#4 = Pad of Paper
(So I can write down words I need to look up when I get home, in case I forgot my Kindle!)

#3 = Shopping Sacks
(In general, Stores do not provide them, unless I want to pay for them!)

#2 = House Key
(Our apartment locks on us the minute we go out the door!)
(Warning to those of you who might visit!)

#1 = Camera
(So I'm prepared for potential blog posts!)

You're probably all wondering why a cell phone wasn't #1 on the list!?!  Well, it is quite nice to live a carefree lifestyle at a slower pace and roll with whatever the day brings!

(***This might not have been the most exciting countdown of all time, but maybe you learned a little something about living here in lovely France!)

This kind of breakfast is worth the 3 block walk, don't you think?
Thanks for joining me here today!  Hope to see you again tomorrow!

Have a Jewel of a Day!


  1. ...and they tasted really good, too!

  2. France sounds like Denver, it takes a while for our Texas skin to adjust to the dry cold!


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