Thursday, September 20, 2012

Château Royal Blois


Bonjour mes amis!  I hope you are having a good day!

After a wonderful time of Worship last Sunday with our new friends at Eglise Evangélique Libre d'Orléans, we concluded the service by singing "Shine, Jesus, Shine" in French.  From there,  we stopped home for a quick lunch of leftovers...not too bad of leftovers either, since here's what we each had:

Moi...a generous sized piece of ziti bake
Mr. Jewel...a big bowl of chicken noodle soup
Jewel Jr.... roast, potatoes and carrots

*(We each also had a small salad, and of course, a baguette with butter!  The French don't usually eat butter with their baguettes, but us Americans, we do!)

We then got on the road for a trip to Blois, where we entered the Château Royal Blois.  Here's a few pictures of the outside and the interior courtyard...


Isn't this Architecture amazing?

If you are still with me...sorry for the overdose on pictures today, but it cannot be helped...this was such a beautiful place...

Here are some Interior pictures and a few more architectural pictures I liked...

This is very small portion of a ceiling!  Amazing!

Mr. Jewel loves to get shots of the Stained Glass Windows!

Another ceiling...very French!


Stunning Staircase!

Mr. & Mrs. Jewel

Now this is some kind of staircase!

 Still with me?  How about a few panoramic shots down to the River and the city, and I'll save a real special post for tomorrow...

Mr. Jewel and Jewel Jr. ahead of me as we get ready to leave this beautiful city!

I'll give you a small hint about tomorrow's has something to do with a symbol that all my friends and family know I'm a little obsessed about...

Au Revoir!

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