Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Monet's House and Gardens


Bonjour mes amis!

Today, I have a Summer treat in store.  My Dad and I visited Claude Monet's House and Gardens while we lived in France, and I'm sharing it with you today, in all it's flowery beauty!

It's really no surprise to me that Monet could find inspiration to paint where he lived in Giverny.  The gardens are spectacular!

France is such a wonderful place for growing thriving flowers.  I remember when we returned from our year in France, to Texas, in all it's summery "Augustness".  One hundred degrees and bright sun, scorched lawns and wilting landscapes...but then I saw the hardy Crepe Myrtles, and everything was okay.  Those flowering trees make Texas look pretty, even in the scorching Summer heat!

But, of course, it still doesn't even compare with the flowery beauty of France.

These photos were taken in late June and EVERYTHING was blooming.

Oh to enjoy sights like these every morning with your first cup of coffee!

After strolling through the gardens near Monet's home, we made our way to a lower terrace on the grounds...

And this brought us to...

The famous lily pond in Monet's painting!

And as we circled the pond and glimpsed the famous bridge, covered with Wisteria...

And tried to dodge other tourists...

We each had to get a photo taken on the bridge!

It was high tourist season, so it was difficult to have the bridge to ourselves!

I just couldn't get over all the flowers!

The above one has been a Facebook staple for me for a while now...

I hope you enjoyed all the beauty!

Until next time...

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