Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vertically Verdant!

May 14, 2014

Bonjour mes amis!

Are you shocked to see me here again?  Well, I have complete motivation for blogging now, because I will be making a return trip to France this Summer, and I just about can't wait.  It's got me reminiscing, and writing to all my friends there to let them know I'm coming!

For today though, I want to tell you about something new, fun and beautiful that completely fits in with the...
"French style of Decorating"
...that I love, and it just so happens that I received two gifts recently from my Son and Daughter-in-Love (the Diamond Duo), that will help introduce my post for today...

First, I was given this beautiful Vertical Planter for my Birthday!  That's a real succulent, and I just love the sweet little frame!  My daughter-in-love made this!

Then, this past Sunday for Mothers Day, I was given this beautiful Cage Terrarium with Air Plants!  Notice how they know me so well, since the cage is sporting a Fleur-de-Lis!  The Air Plants are also real!

Today, I want to brag on my Daughter-in-Love (DIL)...

She has started a great new business, and yes, I'm going to shamelessly advertise here for her online business!

Check it out!

It's framed foliage for your wall!

Just over a week ago, I helped my daughter-in-love at a Gift Market for Mothers Day!  I was so honored that she asked for my help.  We had a fun day together.  Don't get me wrong!  It was hot, and we worked hard, but it was so worthwhile to see her excited about her new venture!

We each brought things from home and set up a little booth to show off all the beautiful Vertical Planters that my DIL makes!

The Planters were just beautiful and got lots of notice, especially by the other Vendors!

We're not sure the Market was well enough advertised, because there wasn't a big crowd...

But honestly, it was a great start for doing these kind of Events!  She still sold quite a few planters!

Vertically Verdant is mainly an online business, and they ship anywhere in the U.S.!
But who knows?  Maybe we'll get to do another Market together sometime!
I certainly had a great time!

These Planters make great gifts!  Obviously, I'm very pleased with the ones I've received!

There's the little business woman herself!  She can even take credit cards!

One of the older neighbors nearby came by the booth three times to gaze at the beautiful items.  She kept telling my DIL that her creations were pure Art!  Such a lovely compliment!  She herself was a gardener, so she would know!

Go ahead and click the link to the website...

It's beautifully framed foliage for your wall!
You will receive care instructions with your purchase too!
These beauties don't take much care though!

Such a clever and unique idea!
And she's got more ideas for new creations, so who knows how far she'll go with this!?! which one do I want next?

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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