Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Red and White and Toile all Over!


Bonjour mes amis!

I have a couple of very dear friends who I hang out with a lot.  The three of us each have our "colors"!  One likes LOVES Pink, and the other friend likes LOVES Yellow.  They both know that I like LOVE Green, but they also know that when a POP of color is required, I LOVE Red as well!

Many homes in France are very neutral in color.  The facade is white stone, and there may be some black railing, but in general, everything looks clean and pretty, because it is so neutral, and nature pops beautifully against neutral.

Yesterday, I showed you the courtyard and breakfast room at a home we stayed in in Caen, France in 2011.  Here is the outside of the home, and right behind our rented vehicle there is the lovely courtyard I showed you yesterday!

Ah...the Roses behind us!

Let's head up to our room using the stairway with stone steps!

Everything is so tastefully decorated!

As we enter the room we discover the lovely dark beams on the ceiling, and a huge closet space!

We are greeted across the room to a typed out Welcome, which is thoughtfully placed in an old typewriter!  So ingenius!  And there's the address of the place, Le Clos Saint Martin, should any of you like to visit the city of Caen and enjoy an overnight stay!

Here's some views of the rest of the room...

Have you noticed a bit of a color scheme yet?

Imagine my surprise when I came in and saw...
Red and White and Toile all over!
What a nice POP!  The room spoke to me...

I love the stone wall and writing desk.  See the typewriter greeting?

Here's my favorite shot of the room!

The room was quite huge, and there was an ensuite bathroom, too!

This lovely little dress in the corner added so much charm!

And you can't beat this View!

Ah!  Thanks for taking this little trip with me down memory lane.  I'm guessing you would have liked to see a little bit of the city, too, but that's for another day.  I'm very picky about where we stay when we are in France, and at Le Clos Saint Martin, these people know how to do it right...

And it didn't hurt...
that they threw a little red in there for me either!

Have a "Jewel" of a Day!

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  1. I love this! I wanted to add red to my house but I couldn't say goodbye to the turquoise. Maybe I will just get red pillows and such to switch out now and then. This is the red that I like


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